What makes Mike and Johnny such great Outdoor Instructors? They’re ability to TEACH. Mike and Johnny are prepared to spill the beans into whatever private instruction topic you are set on learning… tying knots, choosing the right gear, gear maintenence,¬†fly-fishing and more!

Because of their knowledge and popularity, Mike and Johnny have been asked to speak at lecture events all over the south. Contact them today to speak at your next event!

Mike and Johnny have held classes of ranging topics over the years. They’re classes have included:

  • Crabbing Techniques
  • Knot Tying
  • Fishing Smarter Classes (read maps, discuss seasons, types of bait, water temperature…)

Ask Mike and Johnny to hold a class for you and your friends today!

Mike and his family have been featured in many films among the years… ranging from magazine stories to news stories. Ask Mike and Johnny to star in your next video project…