Biggest fish you've caught out of a kayak?

Mike:  45″ Bull Red Fish & a 7ft Black Tip Reef Shark


Johnny: Easy, a 45lb Hammerhead Shark!

Favorite part about being a kayak fishing guide?

Mike: I love teaching the sport of kayak fishing… it’s knowledge clients can take anywhere.


Johnny: I love when our clients truely enjoy themselves, even if the fishing is slow.

Who's been your biggest fishing influence?

Mike: My Dad. He would take me every weekend when I was a kid.


Johnny: I was taught everything outdoors by my dad and grandfather.

Mike Eady

The Beast from the East

  • Favorite place to fish? Home is where the heart is and where it all began… so I’d have to say Pawleys Island. But I have kayak fished from Virginia all the way to Texas over the years.
  • What’s your favorite fish to catch? Spottails
  • Why do you fish? You never know what your gonna get
  • Why YAK? I love what I do because you get so close to nature that it reminds you that YOU are part of it. Kayak fishing also challenges me to give my all and when you do that…. you can reap the rewards. Keeps me in shape too!
  • What can people expect on a trip? To catch fish and smile… a lot.

Johnny Wigfall

The Man with the Plan.

  • Favorite place to fish? In the water haha … Pawleys Island because its right here in my backyard and its loaded with fish.
  • What’s your favorite fish to catch? Speckled Sea Trout because of the fast action when they are around.
  • Why do you fish? I love floating on my kayak with the tide and casting as I go… its just natural feeling. Its the best way to slow down and enjoy nature.
  • Why YAK? I love to fish and share my knowledge of fishing with others. I especially love it when our clients truly enjoy themselves even when the fishing is slow.
  • What can people expect on a trip? At the very least, people can enjoy mother nature and all she has to offer… fish, beautiful surroundings, great views.

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